Jesus Lives

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Everything surrounding Jesus and the reason for our faith in Him as the way to the Father…is the resurrection. The resurrection demonstrates Jesus is the way the truth and the life and gives credence to His statement that no one comes to the Father except through Him.

Jesus lives on the pages of the bible from the first chapter. When a snapshot of eternity is given, Jesus is there. Every prophet were given revelations about Jesus. Even King David in his songs was given accurate descriptions of Jesus will suffer.

Today Jesus is alive interceding on our behalf to the Father. Before leaving the earth, he made a promise – I must go for the comforter (Holy Spirit) to come, He will teach you all things.

Whether you have accepted Jesus the Christ or not, you can begin to experience the life of Jesus in your life today. The BIG concept to grasp in all its fullness is that you life has got to be eternal life-giving. You don’t need to give-up anything, travel anywhere. To be eternal life-giving is a simple change of approach.

Whether we have or may not have all the trappings of modern life; we decide that our lives will from today be an eternal life-giving life. In every situation we look to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for how to respond and follow through. Responding with life to everything.

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