Jesus Saves

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When I first heard this phrase as a child, I basically said emmm and went on with what I was doing – I’m certain it was play, I so loved to play. At 14 or 15 in a student assembly, I can’t recall his name, but this student who took the assembly explained Jesus the Christ in an amazingly simple way…he asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ…I found myself at the front.

The witness of Jesus the Christ is powerful, its a simple witness. That we are all born in sin however God has no desire for us to perish, so he sent His Son to give His life to restore us to God. Our response to His sacrifice is Yes or No. Its that simple.

Now hell is over-dramatised and used to scare people into saying Yes to Jesus the Christ. Jesus himself explains that Hell is real, but was never designed for humans. The only way humans will end up in hell is if they reject Jesus the Christ and the second by second appeals of the Holy Spirit to turn away from their sins and honour Jesus with their lives.

As I explained to my son, never reject Jesus. Have questions, acknowledge you are uncertain, but never reject Jesus because only a fool says in his heart there is no God (Psalm 14:1).

Experience Jesus saves…open your heart, invite Him into a conversation.

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