Judging Others Exposes Our Own Flaws

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Everytime we judge others (no matter how justified we may feel) we expose our own flaws. There’s a very good reason why this happens… whereas God sees the heart and knows our intentions for every action. We on the other hand just see the impacts of other people’s intentions. 

No matter how intuitive we may be; we simply cannot see the intentions in other people’s hearts. We can’t see the deep reasons why they do the things they do; why they would even say the things they say…

Its part of our human nature to “assume” other people’s intentions – then either making excuses for what they did or condemning it. By the way making excuses is just judgement-lite while condemnation is judgement-hard.

So the combination of (a) inability to see intentions and (b) seeing only impacts; makes for toxic perceptions of others. Hence with regard to judgement God says…

“…then do to the false witness as that witness intended to do to the other party. You must purge the evil from among you.  The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you. Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot“. (Deuteronomy 19:19-21)

God takes judgement seriously; and in our judgement of others we demonstrate our own flaws.

Instead of judging, seek to build up the person because love covers a multitude of sins.

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