Lets Go Deeper 1/3: God’s Timing

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Let’s Go Deeper: Have you every used the phrase “God’s timing”…well God’s actual timing has nothing to do with events in our individual lives and everything to do with events in the life and timeline of Jesus.

I am always bemused when people who really should know better, talk about God’s timing as though God needs to hurry up; it sounds like they are waiting on God to do his thing. Can you imagine, God who has been around like forever…is holding up a human that will be around for say 70 years…that human is waiting on God’s timing…really?

You’ve only got 70 years on the earth, God is in fact waiting on you!!

Where are you in Jesus’s life, will determine God’s timing in your life. For example…

  • We ask for patience; then when difficult people do their thing…as in being difficult to us; we pray and come “against them”…errrm, didn’t we want patience?
  • We ask for financial blessings, a shop keeper gives us the wrong change; we keep it. Is that really how blessings come?

Preachers and pastors use the phrase “God’s timing” and attribute a meaning to it. But let’s ponder on this question. What benefit is it to God to withhold a blessing and keep us waiting? To hold this belief means people have completely misunderstood that we live by “grace” through faith, not works.

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