Lets Go Deeper 3/3: You Are Meant To Live by Grace…Do You Get It?

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Let’s go deep: Do you understand you live by “grace”? What do the following events between Jesus and people say to you? The healing of the centurion’s daughter; the healing of blind Bartemaeus; the feeding of the 5,000 and the feeding of the 10,000; the lady saved from death by stoning?

If these are all just stories to you…lets help you get some knowledge on. With our physical mind locked in, its difficult to reconcile how one load and three fishes can be multiplied to feed 5,000 and 10,000 people…illogical right…wrong!!

We were NEVER designed to live a life of struggle and pain and travail. Pre the fall, none of these things existed. There was no money, no economy, no trading, no earning a living…all Adam was tasked with was communion with God. God came out searching for Adam to chat with him. God asked Adam to name the animals and whatever names Adam imagined that’s what the animal was called…awesome. This is a mini snapshot of grace.

Under grace…God provided ALL the needs of Adam and Eve, actually even after the fall and end of grace, God continued to extend grace… God made their first post grace clothes. In providing their clothes, God sacrificed lambs – the meat they would of eaten and the skin used for their clothing.

Today, God wants to extend grace over your life, I strongly recommend you allow Him to. You life will be so much easier and fulfilled.

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