Listen When Sleep Calls

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Scientists have conducted countless studies about this fascinating thing we all do called sleep. The bible refers to sleep in multiple contexts – resting, living in sleep mode and passing from earth to eternity.

Are you burning the candle at both ends? Yes…stop! Sleep is awesome and is designed to restore your body. Coffee cannot replace sleep – I’ve tried it, may work for a day or two…as a long term strategy… doesn’t work.

We’ve all got friends who are living in sleep mode. Meaning their eyes are wide open but seem to be unaware of the decisions they’re making and more importantly, the impact those decision will make.

For the avoidance of doubt; short term decisions always deliver short term results…by their very nature they cannot deliver long term benefits. I’ve said it.

The time comes when we all will go to sleep with the many who have walked before us. Will you sleep well?

A colleague at work is convinced there’s nothing after death. He is living his life accordingly. The bible tells us God has planted eternity in the hearts of men. As a result we all want to live forever but that belief is characterised by what we choose to believe.

Choose to believe in eternity through Jesus the Christ.

Be encouraged

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