Live Effectively

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Living effectively is easy…do all that Jesus commanded. OK, you may be thinking, that’s not very easy…and if you are looking at it from the perspective of “my life” then you will be 100% right. Paul writes…”its not me that live but Christ that lives in me”. This is the nugget to living an effective life. Jesus connected with everyone. Jesus was able to heal, feed, restore sight, comfort, teach, turn water into wine, cast out demons, enable a tax collector to be redeemed… It’s fair to say, wherever Jesus went, the world for many people changed irrevocably. In the great commission Jesus made a declaration, he said all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him…then he gave instructions to go into the world to make disciples, teaching all He commanded – effectively to do what He did… Do you think our lives would have meaning if only one person was comforted as Jesus comforted. So imagine, if you made Jesus’s way of life, you way of life. Do you think your life would be effective?

Be encouraged…!!

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