Logical Faith

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Christian faith is the belief in God to do something. Paul defines faith as the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. That means faith is an action. Which is why Paul again writes that action by itself is not an indication of faith, but faith without action is dead.

Why is this important?

Jesus tells us a little leaven (yeast) leavens the whole bread. In the same way the use of comfort words can destroy our faith. Yes…destroy is a strong word, it’s used on purpose. Here’s how our faith can be destroyed with words.

The enemy has confused the use of the words belief and faith. Today they are used to mean the same thing. They are NOT the same words. A belief in Jesus is not the same as having faith in Jesus.

Muslims, Hindu’s believe in Jesus but they have no faith (expectation of action) in Him. Today it’s possible to believe in Jesus; but because leaven has entered our vocabulary, we still have the expectation that God will act, but the words we use do not contain faith.

Have you found yourself asking God for "help"...
when you should be commanding things to be?

Help is a nice non threatening word, it doesn’t offend anyone. However the use of the word help in the wrong context, can contribute to destroying your own faith. Here’s why. Help is used in the bible when “reflecting” or when disaster is imminent eg Peter sinking…and not when “you” are about to take action.

The word "let" is used.

Many are reluctant to used the word let, because it’s very deliberate. Whereas help is nice…just in case it’s not God’s timing to do this thing or nothing happens.

We are encouraged that where two or three are gathered in his name He is there to bless. That sounds like a guarantee. Where two agree I will do it. That sounds like a guarantee. I must go for the comforter to come and he will teach you all things. That sounds like another guarantee.

God is our help. But we must ask for what we want to see happen. We hear testimonies of back pains healed. If you look at the process. It’s very specific. Commanding the muscles to realign, bonds to go back into place. And they do, you see the person rejoicing because the pain is gone.

Where in commanding realignment did you ask God for help? You didn’t. But God was your ever present help.

Problem is we get confused over what to ask for. I’ve been there. For example…here I am praying for someone to be healed and I’m sick myself. Here I am praying for someone to get a job and I don’t have one. I’m I being a hypocrite?

The answer is simple. Interceding has nothing to do with YOUR circumstances!!

It takes confidence to have faith. Because you also have to see beyond your circumstances and see God and all “His” righteousness. Faith means I can pray for someone to be healed even though I am sick.

Be encouraged…!

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