Mis-edification: Freedom in Christ

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Mis-edification: Freedom in Christ. Our current generation of leaders are frightened to their core of this phrase and are reluctant to teach about the freedom we have in Jesus the Christ. Instead they focus on a mis-edification of Paul’s – slave for Christ.

Freedom in Jesus the Christ is spiritual liberty and not a license in the flesh. How has freedom got such a bad rep? Freedom is a good thing.

Many are in bondage spiritually; they limit themselves because of learnt or taught experiences. Jesus said through Him we can do all things, but many have self imposed boundaries.

The issue is simple, in the church we have been taught “casting off restraint” and “freedom” to be the same thing. They are not. Casting off restraint is lawlessness and not freedom at all.

Freedom in Jesus the Christ is freedom in your spirit to live in spirit and truth. When you choose to live in freedom in the spirit; you are taking on the yoke of Christ (spiritual restraints), to only do that which we see Jesus and the Father doing.

When we are free in Jesus, we put aside our way and desires and deliberately take on the ways of eternal life.

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