Mistakes: God Isn’t Afraid of Them

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God isn’t afraid of your mistakes, neither should you. How do I know this? Let’s use the experience of Jesus and Peter. This is an awesome interaction and shows us the difference between our perspective and God’s. Jesus informs Peter – satan desires to soft you as wheat (Luke 22:31). Ouch. How would you feel being presented with this information that you are in the devils crosshairs. Not very comforting is it?

Jesus didn’t panic, wasn’t at all flustered by satan’s desire. Jesus then goes on to inform Peter – but I have prayed for you that your faith might not fail (Luke 22:32).

See the difference between our approach and Jesus’? I know for me I’d be flustered – what’s going to happen, how is he going to sift me, when will it start, how long will it last…

Jesus didn’t pray against the sifting; He prayed that Peter’s faith will not fail because of the sifting.

We know Peter in dramatic fashion denied knowing Jesus; then was killed by the Romans in a very grewsome manor. Peter’s faith didn’t fail.

Are you afraid of mistakes? Whatever the answer, know this – God isn’t afraid of your mistakes. In fact Jesus is interceding on your behalf as He did for Peter, that your faith does not fail.

Be encouraged…!

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