Mistakes: Many Great People Made Them

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Many great people in the bible and in modern life have made “big” mistakes and their fall from the grace of men has been equally spectacular. Unfortunately for a belief founded on forgiveness, I have never understood the response by church leaders when certain mistakes are made.

In my evaluation it seems the sins the “church” is happy to forgive are those with non-physical consequences – gossiping, secrecy, judgmental these are covered by the grace of the men.

However, should you get pregnant well “we can’t possibly have you as an example to others”. Judgement at work…!! The fact that an unplanned pregnancy is your greatest time of need, plays second fiddle to the need to send a strong message.

Thankfully Jesus will never leave you, He will never forsake you or excommunicate you. He will forgive you and He will restore you.


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