Mistakes: No One is Immune

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No one is immune to mistakes; absolutely no one. I make no apology if that sounds offensive. It’s a fact. It’s human to be blinded to the mistakes of people we like and critical of those we dislike or for whom we hold reservations. 

Leaders in all walks of like attempt to appear perfect to maintain your trust in them. When they no longer hold your trust they invariably – fall from grace. Even the very statement explains the high regard these people are held in.

In the church “good behaviour” is the order of the day. Interestingly Jesus’s desciples were rough around the edges and some didn’t behave that well. Imagine blind Bartemaeus shouting to get Jesus’s attention to be healed – and the desciples knew Jesus could heal him but told Bartemaeus to shut it..!!

Today the traditional churches are in decline; one reason for their decline can be found in the bad behaviour of the church – similar to the desciples.

Jesus gave a command to go into the world and make desciples (Matthew 28:16). Over time the church changed the role to “defenders of the faith” – a role Jesus had nothing to do with.

Charismatic churches are experiencing growth; because many have returned to the simple commandment to go into the world and make desciples.

No one is immune from mistakes – small ones and massive ones. Trust in God.

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