Mistakes: Reminds Us Who To Trust

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Mistakes reminds us to trust in someone other than humans including ourselves. In the secular world, this isn’t a very popular statement. Recently in the UK Nick Fallon a Christian MP and leader of the Liberal Democrats, stepped down as party leader. He was asked a direct question whether abortion is wrong. He struggled to answer.¬†

To non-believers Nick made a mistake. To some believers Nick made a mistake.

The Lord has warned us in the last days men will be lovers of themselves. This love of self conflicts with the first command to Love God with all your heart soul and strength. The ¬†problem for Nick in modern UK, to be popular you can’t talk of spiritual values; you’ve got to speak consistent with what men who love themselves love to speak about.

It’s reassuring that in stepping down, amidst what many believe are mistakes, Nick maintains his trust in God.

At the time of Nick being put under pressure to say abortion is a good thing. My son put the same question to me and I gave what I thought was a wise God first answer. He immediately said, they won’t vote for you dad. Fortunately I have no political desire to be popular.

In our current world you will be asked to be vocal and compromise your faith, especially when you make mistakes. Remember when you confess your sins one to another (James 5:16), they now have no power over you.

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