Are you Working for Money or Legacy?

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Are you working for your money or your legacy? The clever-clogs say both. The truth is most people are just working for their money to immediately pay it out in bills…and the never ending cycle goes on…money…bills…money…bills…

BUT you can make a simple switch and start working for your legacy. You see, Money or Legacy are but simple approaches to living your life. We inherit the working-for-money approach.

We can however, make a decision to start working towards our legacy. For each, their legacy may be different. Bill and Melinda Gates will hopefully leave a legacy of eradicating malaria from the earth…awesome…!!

I have a friend who’s legacy is to be the first in his family to be married and remain married. He wants to show the next generation in his family, that marriage is an option – that broken relationships is not their ultimate achievement. This is a BIG legacy for a family!!

Whatever you decide will be your legacy, work to make your legacy a reality. So that when you are no more on this earth, your legacy will continue to live on, through those whose lives you have impacted.

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