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NED – Non-executive Director is vital to your organisation for a number of reasons; among them – bringing specialist expertise, commercial experience and valuable insights.

But of utmost importance is my independence from the day to day management of the company, which makes me ideal for monitoring and evaluating your company’s strategy.

In short…as your NED I love making your dream my own, and in your role as CEO help you make better decisions… save you time, effort and cash.

As a CEO you get to shape a company in your image, hire people to work with you, and receive recognition for your accomplishments…

…It’s also incredibly lonely.

CEOs claim the biggest issue they face in their roles is not having anyone to confide in. Given the overwhelming responsibility and pressure to appear calm for employees, to consistently deliver results and to be where the proverbial buck stops, it’s no wonder CEOs have a tendency to isolate themselves.

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