Only Righteousness Can Exalt a Nation

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Sunday school: Only righteousness can exalt a nation. Statues celebrating evil; pull them down.

Put them in a museum…I’ll even pay to visit.

So the logic is stop pulling down statues, we need to see them both good and bad. Ok. Yet in practice… there’s no statues of Hitler anywhere, like not even in Germany…not one anywhere…

The statue of William Wilberforce MP the anti-slavery campaigner to 1833, its not in parliament square…its practically hidden. It’s almost like the nation is embarrassed by his work to outlaw slavery in the UK.

Visualise this, the laws of Britain before slavery made it a crime to steal, comit murder, rape, give false testimony. However parliament for the love of money – embraces the lie (false testimony), that melanin people were not human, so the laws applying to stealing, raping, murdering, people trafficking – did not apply.

Human suffering on an unimaginable scale began – all for the love of money.

This land is littered with statues, street names, universities, schools – all named after people who made a business out of evil – looting, stealing, murdering, raping, people trafficking, stealing people’s labour, illegally enslaving and dehumanising people because of the amount of melanin in their skin.

Our forefathers fought and died in WW1 and 2, while monuments exists for everyone else – the powers that be “forgot” to honour them. In fact they had to stand up against that injustice of whitewashing to be included in the category of Commonwealth “contribution” to the war effort.

Our forefathers were pilots, engineers, infantry – they fought – they didn’t just “contribute”.

The statue of Colston and others were not erected for generations to remember the ills of slavery. It was erected because he contributed blood money to the city. If you had been to Bristol and seen the statue – nothing mentions his evil role in slavery.

So we know these statues of evil men have never been erected for education; but for worship of evil.

Pull these strongholds down – put them in a museum. Take the right steps to establish this country on righteousness.

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