Potential Needs Action

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Your potential needs action…action from you. Many people don’t take action for a number of reasons – because those close to them don’t believe in them; because of a lack of education; all are valid reasons.

The first thing to accept is this…God gave you potential without condition. Your potential doesn’t require other to love you for you to be able to achieve it. Your potential does not require anyone rooting for you – its great when they do, but as a condition to achieve your potential – not required.

Recently Jack Daniels company (don’t judge just yet) admitted the world famous Jack Daniels was not brewed by Jack Daniels but by a man subjected to enslaved labour. Not nice. But in the very narrow context of not allow conditions to dictate your potential, this is an awesome account. Yes I understand, but I use this story to highlight that your potential knows no boundaries.

You may not be in the ideal position financially, living conditions, education, family situation…or you may be facing an unlimited number of circumstances…know this your potential can still shine through.

Just accept your God given potential and start taking action today.

Be encouraged