Praying in Love 10/12: Praying in a Marriage

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Marriage…the bible way is between male and female; God has proclaimed a blessing of this type of marriage – as its the only marriage that brings about eternal outcomes. Its the only marriage that brings offspring, and God is obsessed with offspring and heritage.

God speaks to Abraham and pronounces blessings of him and his offspring for ever. To enable that blessing to continue, the offspring of Abraham are to maintain a way of life that is holy onto God…ie live lives that’s acceptable to God, not themselves. They are to marry, have children in marriage, uphold a series of commandments and in return God said He would bless their generations for ever.

Marriages that honour God are blessed as default full stop. We know this because unlike men, God can’t just change His mind on how things work. As he said, the sun shines on the just and on the unjust. Everyone is given the same opportunities to choose eternal values over short term self focused values. The circumstances may be different, but the choices are the same.

Are you married? Choose to honour God with your marriage and you will be blessed, its that simple.

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