Praying in Love 11/12: Wherever You Are

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When praying to God in the name of Jesus the Christ – time, place, location and posture mean nothing. I appreciate many religions including Christian denominations define practices and I suppose it does not harm for example to close your eyes. But Jesus who taught us how to pray, provided no such guidance. He did give advice about not seeking publicity, but aside from that, praying is a relationship…do it everywhere!!

Yes to many, I am being pretty rebellious – praying isn’t praying unless your eyes are closed, your head is bowed and you are kneeling. Problems is, God doesn’t seem to be interested in your pose over the content of your request. God wants us to come to Him as we are. That means in whatever state we are in, wherever we are at that point in time. Just call out to the Lord.

Imagine if you are unfortunately in an accident and need to pray, but can only do so with the correct pose? Do you think God wouldn’t listen? God forbid. God actually tells us He will never leave us nor forsake us – that’s an awesome promise!!

When you are next out for a coffee, say a prayer. When you are on the bus or train, say a prayer. When out for lunch, say a prayer. Get into the habit of praying wherever you are; with your eyes opened or closed; standing, sitting or kneeling. Whats important is getting into the habit of praying.

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