Praying in Love 12/12: Love is the Ultimate

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There’s nothing greater than Love. Not just the words of a Luther Vandross song, but Paul writes in letters to the Corinthians that love outlasts everything. That whatever we may focus on now and in the future, when they all cease, love will remain.

Everything we do, especially our prayers to God should be spoken in love. It’s a cliche but through the good, bad and in-between times; we should practice approaching everything in love. This is not rose tinted glasses territory.

Love both in terms of the content but also in terms of the outcomes.

When going through bad experiences it’s easy to focus on outcomes that just gets rid of the situation; or focus on why is this happening to me – the victim card – I’m a good person; or manifesting the worse of human nature and looking for someone to blame.

The challenge today is to seek “love-outcomes” in all the situations we face. A love outcome is one where you remain constant to effect positive change in others. I know it’s madness, but it’s what our Lord and Saviour does.

Jesus allowed Thomas to doubt and put his fingers into the holes in His hands. Jesus on meeting Peter after his very public denial, embraces him and asks a simple question – Peter do you love me?

Jesus knows after all is said and done, the only thing that outlasts everything else is Love. Let’s love.

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