Praying in Love 2/12: See Everything Through “Love” Filters

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An ultimate statement of love…For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have eternal life – John 3:16.

When God looks at the people in the world, he does so through His “love” filter, he has compassion towards the people on earth; and as Jesus said when being put to death – Father forgive them they know not what they do… Luke 23:34. If you are looking for another ultimate statement of love, there it is.

So your neighbour is a right twat; your manager is a loser and making your work life hell; you are loosing the will…and on top of it some of your friends are not there for you as you expected. No matter what the situation is, you can look at life and life events using your love filter.

I know its not easy. But when Adam and Eve defied God and ate the fruit that leads to death, God continued to look at them in love – He fed them, made their clothes. Then He sent His Son to die to restore fallen man to Himself. This is love unlimited. Would you go to such lengths to restore a friend, a sibling or a child that turned their backs on you….I wouldn’t either. But God does.

I appreciate praying through love filters is a tall order, I get it. Its a worthy order and one that will change the world around you…extending grace over your life and theirs.

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