Praying in Love 5/12: When You are In Love

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Praying in Love when you’re in love is an awesome experience. Being in love itself is awesome, and praying with the one you love makes for an amazing prayer of unity.

Couples can find it hard to pray together, especially if you have young children. I totally understand.

So, here’s a few novel ideas – make praying fun; don’t find time to pray; make praying a lifestyle..!

Make praying fun may sound like a strange thing to say. But is it? Praying is simply your heart speaking to the heart of God. Men of added lots of religious practice to prayer – bow your head, clasp your hands etc etc. In fact, non of those things enable you to pray…so make your prayers fun, be happy to speak to God, share your reflections and decisions and open your heart to God to lead and guide you.

Don’t find time to pray…another WHAT moment…!! Trying to find time to kneel and perform all the practices…if you are anything like me, you’ll be yawning and falling asleep in no time. Now is the right time to pray. Whenever you think of something – pray about it. Yes, that’s right, commit it to God in prayer.

Make praying a lifestyle, every day, simply pray about everything, wherever you are. Pray with your eyes open or closed, standing or sitting down – the important thing is that you are in communication with God from your heart to His.

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