Praying in Love 7/12: Transparency

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Praying in love with transparency isn’t talked about much; not because of anything bad. Just that we don’t really confess our sins one to another as we are supposed to. Owning up to a “sin” or weakness is a major problem because people who sin are supposed to be going to hell…right?

Jesus was categoric about the type of worship He is interested in…worship “in spirit and truth”.

All the stuff we do in church in the name of worship is ok and works, so let’s embrace it but reconsider the basics…worship in spirit and truth….which requires 100% transparency.

God has provided us with the bible – an account of the lives of hundreds of people He interacted with; warts and all. God didn’t airbrush anything, all the gory details are explained for us. God isn’t afraid for us to know about the murder of Abel by his brother, the incest of Lot and his daughters…this is truth.

Jesus also provided a living example of choosing to live in spirit; He told the enemy “man shall not live by break alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”.

God exists in the spirit; therefore living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, requires is to live in the spirit – while on earth.

God wants your prayers in spirit and truth – transparency.

Be encouraged.

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