Praying in Love 8/12: Humility

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Humility is one of, if not the most missued¬†word ever…! The meaning attributed to humility is similar to allowing people to walk all over you. Well thank God that’s not humility at all. Humility is all about giving up your human will to achieve a spiritual will, God’s will.¬†

While Jesus was being abused and scourged and beaten crucified, He says something, actually He prays something that’s out of this world. He prays – “Father forgive them, they know now what they do”.

That is humility. Jesus as a man was distressed by the suffering He had to face and asked the Father if it’s possible to let this cup pass Him; but followed up with – it’s not my will but your will be done!!

Awesome!! Jesus demonstrates how to give up our will to achieve the will of our Father in heaven. That’s humility. Jesus explains further – no one takes my life, I lay it down.

In our daily lives we can choose humility to the will of our Father over our own will.

Be encouraged.