Praying in Love 9/12: Importance of Permanence

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Its very likely you have not heard this word used in regards to prayer. However many people do not experience answers to prayer because what they are asking for has no permanence or in other words has zero eternal value.

Spare just a moment and reflect on the snapshots of God we are given in the bible; the new heaven and earth will last forever; Jesus explains prophesy and speaking in tongues will cease, but love will exist for ever; God made the children of Israel honour a covenant, even thought they were conned into making it. What does this show us?

It shows us that God is certainly not motivated by short term quests, but by eternal ones. Everything God created is meant to last for ever. Imagine, humans only transition between existences – existence on earth and in on of two eternity’s – eternal Life or eternal death.

This means our prayers must also be based on permanence. For example…We can pray each month to God to help us pay that month’s current bills; or we can pray to God for the means, strength and potential to pay all our bills for all time. Jabez prayed for God to expand his territory and he got exactly that. Reflect with God on what your needs are, then articulate then to God with permanence.

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