Praying to WIN 1/12: Praying is Your Heart Speaking to God’s Heart

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Praying to win is about praying and seeing circumstances change; see situations changed; see minds changed see lives changed to the glory of Jesus the Christ.

Whatever you have been told about prayer, know this one simple truth – praying is a heart connection with the all mighty God. Praying is your heart speaking directly to the heart of God.

How can that be? Well Praying is an interaction given to humans by God. God told us we should “pray” to Him. He gives a guarantee that He will hear our prayers and once we abide in Him and hIs Word abides in us – not only will he hear He will answer!! Wow

Praying is one of those things that everyone can do, there’s no training course, there’s no manual… Once you know how to speak you know how to pray.

It’s accepting that by making God the object of our conversation He guarantees to listen.

Be awesome, pray!!!

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