Praying to WIN 12/12: Praying is Fine-Tuning You to the Voice of God

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Praying is Fine-Tuning You to the Voice of God… There are major debates about whether humans can/have heard the audible voice of God. Whatever you believe on the subject, this much is true…God exists in Spirit and speaks into the spiritual realm, to hear you must also be listening from your spirit.

To explain this lets refer to the prophet Elisha and his servant (2 Kings 6:17). The king of Aram decides to deal harshly with Elisha for sending a warning of danger to the king of Israel. Elisha’s servant observes king Aram’s army approaching and says to Elisha, Oh no, my lord! What shall we do? Elisha looks out to the approaching army, but sees a different sight. Elisha then prays from the physical realm into the spirit realm asking God to do this… “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see”.

Elisha asked the Lord to open the servants eyes (his spiritual eyes that is) so that he can see from the physical into the spiritual realm, and oh what a sight he beheld. He saw the hills around Elisha filled with horses and chariots of fire.

Its obvious that Elisha was a praying man and through prayer he was fine-tuned to God in the spiritual realm, enabling him to live in the physical and see into the spirit realm. How do we respond to this – continue praying and be fine-tuned to God in spirit and truth.

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