Praying to WIN 2/12: Praying Releases Abundance

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Your prayers can release abundance when you pray correctly. How can we pray correctly? Easy. First, praying is less about our words and more about our intentions. We know this because the bible tells us God knows our needs before we open our mouths.

So how can we ensure our intentions are correct? Well therein lies the can of worms – ready to open it? Lets go.

Our hearts incubate so much wrong its incomprehensible; from small things like harsh judgement, to BIG things speaking ill of someone. But God sees even bigger ones like – not bringing the full tithes into the store house, so that the house of God has food.

When we judge or short change tithing by placing less than 10%…something is up with our “intentions”, our faith is in the wrong place, our thinking has been corrupted. So when we pray, we experience God’s provision of our daily bread, but not the promise of an open heaven, so much that we’d not have space to contain it.

So before praying, speak with God, together search your heart and correct those wrong intentions. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to pray correctly and my oh my – you will experience the fullness of the promise God made for an open heaven over your life.

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