Praying to WIN 3/12: Praying Mobilises the Heavenly Realm

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There’s a great story in the bible. The prophet Elijah is chilling, his servant sees an army approaching them, he thinks – we are ruined. He then points out the army to Elijah – who is unmoved.

Elijah prays to God to open the eyes of his servant so that he can see the forces in the heavenly realm massed against the approaching army. The servant’s mood changes from oh crap we’re dead, to oh my, I feel sorry for that lot.

Your prayers mobilises the heavenly realm. We know this because God said, I am busy making a way where there is no way. That’s a promise. It means there are time you will see no way through. And that is OK. God doesn’t say he will make the way clear, he said He will make a way where there is no way!

The next time you are stuck and you cannot see a way through. Remember this promise from God-

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