Praying to WIN 5/12: Praying is Ministering with The Lord for Others

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Praying is ministering with the Lord for Others. Its good to pray for ourselves and never think its selfish to do so. Its GREAT ministering to the Lord, praying for others. Praying for others is rooted in the commandment to love your neighbour as yourself. By loving our neighbour as ourselves, there is nothing we’d want for ourselves that we wouldn’t want for others.

The safety, love, prosperity we desire for ourselves we desire the same for others. At home, in our extended family, in our community, at work, at the gym – our approach must be to love our neighbour as ourselves and in doing so we minister with the Lord for those we are in contact with. We minister for people who do us wrong, treat us with evil for our good. We minister and show understanding (not acceptance) for their situation. We do this, not just because we know God will bless us, but because we genuinely understand that love is the ultimate we can achieve.

To minister with the Lord for others, requires you to know something about them, their family and circumstances, fears and desires. Then bring these to the Great I Am…the creator of Heaven and Earth. Demonstrating LOVE of your neighbour to the measure you love yourself.

Be encouraged.

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