Praying to WIN 6/12: Praying is Your Protection

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A helmet protects your head; steel toecap boots protect your feet; gloves protect your hands…you get the picture. Praying is your spiritual protection.

In the bible, there’s a fascinating story about Esther, she was made aware of a plan the result of which was death for many people. She had a choice to panic; she didn’t. She got like minded people together and prayed – yes prayed for deliverance from their enemies.

God heard their prayers and delivered them!!!

Prayer is your protection, to keep you safe in all times. People normally call on God’s protection in the bad times and not in the good. Its great practice to seek God’s protection in good and not so good times.

Why seek protection in good times? Easy. Because you are not in control of life’s events – you are only in control of your decisions. Good times are just as high risk as not so good times, so ensure you seek protection for all times.

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