Praying to WIN 7/12: Pray to be Filled with Power from On High

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Our flesh is limited to completing a certain number of activities in any given day – that’s a fact. Some people can do more than others, but we accept there’s a limit. Now have you ever considered being able to achieve unlimited things in a day? Right we’re not talking Dr Who and Star Trek now, and I’m being serious…really.

In the bible we read what happens to humans when the Holy Spirit comes upon them. The achievements they accomplished were astonishing, people with and without faith relegate these to fables and made up stories. My challenge today, is for you to try doing something through the power of the Holy Spirit and see how much you can achieve.

One day, any day. Determine to do all things through Him who strengthens you Рthrough the power of Holy Spirit. From the moment you wake up, declare everything you need to do in the power of the Holy Spirit Рthrough Jesus the Christ. From travelling to work, wherever that is; to a meeting; to a presentation Рwhatever you are doing in your day, declare it is completed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the day, reflect on what you have accomplished….!!! Experience your very own miracle.

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