Praying to WIN 8/12: Praying Refills Empty Vessels

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Praying refills empty vessels… This is a miracle that every human on earth should experience – how the simple act of saying a short pray to the All-Mighty God, the Great I Am, can restore your energies – enabling you to be ready for the next round of challenges in your life.

Have you ever felt drained, really exhausted, totally famished? When that happens, you’d like nothing better than to lay down and sleep forever. Well do you know, even in that state of total-wipe-out, a short prayer is all it takes to completely restore your energy and gusto?

I know it sounds unbelievable…I know it sounds illogical – when I was first told this I felt the same. Now…stop rationalising and start speaking a few words in faith in name of our┬áLord, Jesus the Christ.

“Lord restore my focus and energy and enable me to complete ________. In the name of Jesus.” We declare everything in the name of Jesus because Jesus gave us a promise – abide in me and anything you ask for in my name my Father in Heaven will hear and answer.

Try it and be totally amazed. Warning, you will be so shocked, that you may try and convince yourself that you weren’t really tired or wiped out in the first place.

Praying works…really…!!

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