Praying to WIN 9/12: Praying is a Source of Spiritual Edification & Uplifting

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Praying is definitely a source of spiritual edification and uplifting…its not just about the feeling of peace; not just the sense that whatever I have to go through…will be OK. Its about that miracle of unexplainable understanding that comes from prayer.

Jesus made a promise – He said I must go for the comforter (Holy Spirit) to come, he will teach you all things.

This is the promise that believers experience, this unexplainable understanding that follows, each time prayer is offered to the Father – that’s our edification…!

We may begin praying in a state because of the situation, however following prayer, the world has not changed but our perspective on the situation has changed. That’s the power of edification through prayer.

Most of us find ourselves praying when we are down or have challenges, it’s because this human life is filled with issues. Jesus said, pay little attention about tomorrow for tomorrow has its own troubles. Jesus again taught us to pray, give us this day our daily bread.

Why does Jesus go to such lengths to help us understand the importance of focusing on today? I believe its because He knows the burden of sin we are under and understands the impact it has on our physical being. Hence He also says – come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest for your weary soul.

Jesus knows we need uplifting and has provided a simple process through prayer to do exactly that. So Pray…!

Be encouraged

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