Realising Your Potential Through Christ

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Everything you do of eternal value, you do through Jesus the Christ. You are born with potential and can achieve awesome accomplishments with your hands and that is needed to sustain live on earth. 

Jesus teaches that through Him we can do all things and again He teaches that without Him we can do nothing.

Achieveing through the amazing and miraculous power of the Holy Spirit is simply an incredible experience. Living on earth in the flesh but doing all things through Christ that strengthens me is awesome.

The name of Jesus gives hope, scares and angers all at the same time. For many thevname of Jesus is life and for many it’s the smell of death. For us who choose to live through Jesus the Christ that enables us to do all things; He is life in its totality.

Many of us compartmentalise Jesus in our lives to when things go wrong; we call out in prayer and experience answers.

Lets move beyond “inviting” Jesus when we are desperate and begin living each minute of each day conscious that He who is in me is greater.

Be encouraged.