SIN 2/7: Manifests in the Physical Realm SECOND

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In SIN 1/7 we looked at SIN being FIRST a spiritual concept and, its important to keep this in mind as we look at how SIN manifests in the physical realm SECOND. When humans think, speak and act – those individual thoughts, words and actions are the manifestations of Holiness or SIN.

In Genesis 4 Cain and his brother Abel made offerings to God, the bible explains these were physical items. Abel slaughtered an animal, while Cain gave of the harvest of the land. We know that giving of the harvest of the land wasn’t the issue, because if you fast forward to the time of Moses, God commands tithes from harvests are brought into the storehouse of the Lord.

So how exactly did Cain sin? This is where the definition you use for sin is tested. If Cain did something wrong, clearly its not a sin to offer items from your harvest. Whatever Cain did, it manifested in the physical realm, we know this because In Genesis 4:7 God uses the words – if you do what is right, will you not be accepted?. Cain clearly presented his offering but something about the way his offering was presented was not right, according to God. This is another important piece of information to store in your mind, heart and soul.

So lets put together 1/7 and 2/7 – SIN occurs in the spiritual realm against God first, then manifests in the physical realm second. You have loads of questions, I know, great.

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