SIN 5/7: Practising Defiance Against God

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Defiance is everywhere…even in the most unlikely places…the church…defiance against God is practised. This phrase should make absolutely no sense at all, the church is where God is promoted. But go figure, its one of the places where defiance is taught every day of the week.

How many churches do you know refuse to collect tithes from their congregation unless those paying tithes have resolved outstanding issues? This is commanded…!

How many churches you know would promote someone following their “sin” being exposed – for example they denied Jesus while being a member of the church or committed adultery…you get the drift…is your answer zero? Mines too!!

This is defiance in action aka SIN.

Yes the person committing adultery has sinned; what does Jesus actually teach about restoration? Remember the lady about to be stoned…life saved, why? Jesus came to restore us to God.

Most churches practice defiance in the name of upholding standards and miss a God given opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus the Christ on a daily basis.

Sin is defiance against God…and everyone is st it, including God’s own church who cry on the name of His Son, Jesus the Christ. That’s why Jesus said “no one is good except God alone” Luke 18:19

Let us love God with all our body, mind and soul.

Be encouraged

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