STOP Being Our Own God

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Before submitting our lives to Jesus the Christ we were our own God – we worshipped the things we did, the things we achieved, the places we went, the things we can achieve because of the people we claim to know, the things we bought and generally appreciated our quality of life by “things”. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and saviour; we give up being our own God. Or do we? Be encouraged. 


Do you regularly “invite” the Holy Spirit to come in? Have you ever said or thought – God isn’t speaking / listening to me? Have you ever said or do you believe “we can’t be perfect”? If you’ve said, thought, believe or agreed with any of the above…be very careful…!!


Paul writes I must decrease for Christ to increase and clearly Paul knows what he is writing about. So if I invite you into my home, who is in charge of that home, you or me? And if I repeatedly invite you in – means at some point you left…eh hem!! And there begins the issue with this “not so innocent” statement. To invite the Holy Spirit in…means I must still be in charge!!!


A BIG indicator that we have continued being our own God is when we state categorically “God isn’t listening to me”…what…!! How on earth can we know this? Do we exist in the heavens? Can we see God and noticed He’s busy or distracted? Clearly not. God is not a man that He should lie and he gave a promise that whenever we call He listens – that’s a guaranteed promise.


To “know” God isn’t listening is a massive idolatry-indicator as it assumes you know what God is up to. Problem is, you don’t. God knows what you are up to…!!


Now for the BIGGEST one of all. I have heard pastors and “anointed” men and women use this one – “we cannot be perfect”. Please have mercy Lord. 


We believe the bible is the infallible Word of God…agreed? Ok. So Jesus spoke directly and told his disciples to “be perfect as your father in heaven”…full stop! He didn’t qualify the requirement, that was it. Be perfect as your Father in Heaven. 


Today, people, pastors, anointed men and women, are tripping over themselves trying badly to explain away that statement as though Jesus got this one wrong or somehow He meant something else. NO, Jesus meant what He said – be perfect as your Father in HEAVEN.


To have the confidence to say “you cannot be perfect” in direct contradiction to Jesus’s words, clearly demonstrates a dangerous complex. How can you contradict the creator of the universe unless you’re equal to Him? Instead, why not ask the creator of the universe what does that statement mean?


I’ve always been uncomfortable whenever I’ve heard the statement “we can’t be perfect” but I didn’t have a reason. So I asked the Lord to reveal to me what “be perfect as your father in heaven” means. The Holy Spirit edified me immediately. The answer is simple and beautiful; God our Father exists in SPIRIT, in heaven. 


Now recall what Jesus said about worshippers – we are to live on earth “in SPIRIT and in truth” John 4:23-24 please read it. We are called to be perfect in our spirit…!!


So let your love of God be complete; challenge these thoughts, statements and beliefs, and confess the sin of idolatry. It’s a strong statement and many reading this will dismiss it as Roy’s being extreme again. So let’s refer to Numbers 15:22 “Now if you as a community unintentionally fail to keep any of these commands the Lord gave Moses— “, and there follows instructions the whole community should follow in repentance and restoration. 


The point is, we all can sin unintentionally, no one who loves Jesus intends to commit the sin of idolatry ie God isn’t listening to me; we can’t be perfect; come in Holy Spirit. However over time we accept handed down statements and beliefs that seem harmless, even holy, but when we shine a spiritual light on them, we can see they are not harmless at all, but deeply sinful. 


Let’s positively change our vocabulary. Be encouraged 

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