Praying enables Rivers of Living Waters Flowing out of You

Success in Faith 2/7: Praying Enables Rivers of Living Waters Flowing out of You

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Praying enables rivers of living water flowing out of you – what exactly does this very Christian-ese phrase mean? Its quite deep in fact. Jesus meets a lady at a well and gives her an analogy, comparing the water from the well to the “living” water that flows through the Holy Spirit. Jesus goes on to explain; when someone drinks from the living water that Jesus provides, they will never thirst again.

Its easy to say but really hard to explain how – Jesus satisfies the deepest desires of our souls. Its something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Our lives are complicated at best; we have desires (good and not so good), we have problems that we just want to be solved, sometimes we don’t care how (that’s dangerous). We love, we hate, we work, raise children, spend money…our lives comprises so many things and activities. However, when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, all these things and activities make total sense. We don’t stop living; we start loving in a more meaningful way, without fear that our love will be taken for granted.

We can endure; we can tolerate; we are resilient; because we know that love conquerors all and our lives are no longer lived to achieve for self – but lived to the glory of God.

I totally accept this makes no “logical” sense; that’s because it makes spiritual sense. To fully grasp how your life through pray can enable rivers of living waters flowing out of you, you need to experience love unlimited. The love that takes away the sins of the world to restore human kind to the creator God. And to those who accept this grace, He has given power to be called sons and daughters of the living God.

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