Success in Faith 3/7: Praying is More Than Positive Thinking

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Praying and positive thinking may have similar content, but they are presented differently. Positive thinking is put out to the energies within the universe, whereas Christian prayers are directed at God through faith in Jesus the Christ. So praying is more than positive thinking, its about communicating from your heart to the heart of the one that spoke the universe into being…!!

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray; today that prayer is called the Lord’s prayer and is recited all over the world. The Lord’s prayer, honours God and His will for His Kingdom to be established; it honours and gives airtime to our needs; it acknowledges we have caused offence to others and others have caused offence to us – so in a mutual release – we forgive them and ask God to forgive us for what we have done to others.

In addition to the Lord’s prayer, our hearts can cry out to God in both anguish and praise. Anguish when the world seems to be against us; and in praise when things are going as or better than we imagined.

Grow your prayer relationship with God through your faith in Jesus the Christ; continuously speak to God in short and long prayers. Remember some of the most effective prayers were under 10 words long – for example the prayer of Jabez is 4 words long – Lord enlarge my territory. It is recorded in the Bible that God heard and answered his prayer.

So don’t feel guilty for saying short prayers – its a prayer from your heart – that’s what count the most. And the Word confirms this – a contrite heart the Lord will not despise. So pray, whatever the length.

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