Success in Faith 4/7: Because Praying Transforms

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Praying transforms everything. The person praying and the person prayed for can be transformed through the power of prayer.

Jesus made promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us; that anything we ask for in His name will be granted; and for those that are called, He has given power to become the Sons (and daughters) of God…so that we can go into the whole world, in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, feed the hungry and declare the acceptable year of the Lord.

The immediate transforming miracle that happens when you pray is that you are filled with an unexplainable peace. I definitely mean unexplainable, because when you have finished praying the problem still exists, but you are filled with peace. Jesus told His disciples that in the world they will have difficulties, but know that He (Jesus) has already overcome the evil one. Therefore they (then) and us to today can stand and find peace in difficult situations.

Prayer gives you valuable time to see another perspective…the perspective of God. Without getting too heavy, the 1o commandments are simply a work of art; from honour God to honouring you mother and father; to all the 9 things you shouldn’t do. When you pray, your heart is being reminded of God’s ways of doing things. That vengeance belongs only to the Lord. Our role is to forgive.

Seeing things from God’s perspective is awesome and transforms our hearts and minds. So pray and be transformed.

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