Success in Faith 5/7: Praying is Building

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What does praying build? Praying builds many things in us – our faith, our resilience, our confidence to name a few.

Building our Faith. Praying is a special supernatural conversation with God the creator of the universe. Its a conversation that you initiate from your heart that goes straight to the heart of God… He provides peace, that reassures us, our prayers are being heard. All the while our faith is building. There’s nothing like an experience to convince you that something is real.

Building our Resilience. We generally would like our prayers to be answered immediately, however some requests are long term and take time to come into being. The famous prayer of Mr Jabez who asked God to enlarge his territory, was heard immediately and answered over a period of time. The prayer of Joshua made the sun stand still at or around midday, to enable a battle to be won.

Building our Confidence. Each time we see answers to prayer it builds our confidence. It means believing through faith, in an outcome we have no evidence will happen…actually works. It enables us to stand in faith for small and large things, which enables us to live each day through faith and not be what our eyes may see.

Praying is building, go build…

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