Success in Faith 6/7: Praying Charges Your Spiritual Batteries

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How can praying recharge your spiritual batteries? Its a miracle, but its a fact…it really happens!!

There is something truly awesome about praying; its a step of faith – to speak to an unseen God (the Great I Am) about the deepest and darkest things concerning our lives. We speak from our hearts and declare all everything. At that moment, your problem, worry or issue is still there, but you are in a much better place following prayer.

And what’s totally mind-blowing about praying is this – God doesn’t expect you to be holy to pray; He expects you to prayer in your own words, in your own time, in your own language, at your own pace and no matter what state your life is in. God can handle it. Resist the trap of thinking, I’ve not been good so I can’t pray. God wants you to pray, in the good and bad times.

Whether your prayer lasted a few words such as “Lord protect me while driving today, in the name of Jesus”, or a few minutes or hours, you will experience the peace that passes all understanding. That peace is only given by God and gives you the confidence and courage to face the day.

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