Success in Faith 7/7: Praying Changes Situations on the Earth

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God made a series of promises to human beings in the bible such as – “I will make a way where there is no way”; and he said in regards to offerings “test me in this and see if I do not open the store houses of heaven”. He made countless promises to those who choose to abide in Him.

Those promises are first declared in the heavenly realm – which we do not see with our physical eyes – and are fulfilled on earth our lives.

So when you pray, you are unaware of what’s happening in that heavenly realm on your behalf. Whatever you have prayed for in faith, God is busy making a way for you – our job is to trust with our heart and soul and never doubt.

There’s another amazing verse in the bible that goes something like this – “all things work for good, for those that Love the Lord“. That means, no matter what has happened, you can maintain your peace, confident in the knowledge that God will work everything for your good because you love Him. When trouble comes, we do not need to hide, because even the bad thing that’s happening will work out for your good.

That’s an awesome reassurance, if ever we needed one. That the cards are stacked in our favour by an awesome loving God.

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