Sunday School: Are You Comfortable Being Terrorised?

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Drop a frog in boiling water, it will instinctively jump out. Drop a frog in cold water, then bring to the boil, the frog will boil to death.

The parallel is the terrorism melanin people have faced and continue to face… every day, unrelenting… like boiling a frog. We call it racism but it’s actually terrorism – it results in melanin people living in fear aka terror.

Recognise: Very very powerful people hate us. Those very powerful people will never choose to love us. This isn’t comforting for many, but it’s best to get your mind set straight.

Think. The Monarchy, Westminster and the Church of England used their power to allow enslavement of melanin people for enrichment and nation building. Then enriched themselves to the tune of £17 billion – in the 1800s to end the murderous practice.

These powerful people are not happy their source of “generational” free labour ended. In the US they fought a civil war over it. They were never going to embrace melanin people and sing kum-baya…

Were they ever going to just allow melanin people to coexist, to share in economic advancement, to attain wealth, to enjoy a family life as an equal member of society – NO…!! Hence Tulsa, Haiti and every melanin majority country in the world…

Here’s a key reason. Working class Brits and yanks were never afforded that Kum-baya either; and still to an extent today don’t have that nirvana.

Reflect. You’ve done the right thing, you’ve got a career, you’ve worked hard, saved up, bought a nice car – then stopped by police (working class people) who want to know where you got that from?

At a previous job, Wendy’s colleague asked her if her husband was a drug dealer… it was illogical to her how a melanin couple in their 20s could have a house and two cars.

Think. Those powerful people successfully crafted an image, by simply being caucasian (even the illiterate ones) they are better and more learned than any melanin person.

They crafted and successfully marketed an image that the melanin person is good working for free but lazy when he has to be paid.

No one is born a racial-terrorist – it’s learnt, normalised, “power” convenient behaviour.

What now. Call out racial-terrorism in all forms, wherever it occurs. If you don’t now, your children will inherit racial-terrorism too, so let’s end racial-terrorism in our generation – call it out.

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