Sunday School: Be Resilient it Will be Tough, We Will Win. Love Always Win

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The road to a better world will not be easy but it’s worth it, so be resilient – let’s get through it. The bigots are coming out..but they’ve lost…!!

BoJo expressed a sentiment in support of bigotry that’s astonishing. He literally said people should be “proud of Britain’s slave owning past”…essentially proud of people trafficking, proud of rape, proud of murder, proud of torture, proud of stealing people’s labour. Essentially proud to break all 10 commandments – the law – written in the good book and the bedrock of UK law…!!!

You really can’t make this up…!!

In France a magazine takes it a step further in a fictional story; and depicts a French politician of African heritage as an 18th century slave with chains around her neck.

This story is an attempt to rewrite history, with a “fictional” story detailing African on African slavery. Like the way they coined the phrase black on black crime to justify their continued murder of people with melanin in their skin.

These coordinated steps embolden ordinary bigots to speak up in defence of their “shame”. One such bigot answered my FB comment yesterday, because she “couldn’t keep her mouth shut anymore”.

Her name is Tina. She starts out with the normal I’m not a racist rubbish, then out’s herself in full colour with her own words as a fully paid up member of the bigots league… Apparently 7 bullets in the back is excessive not attempted murder, because the officer’s life was in danger… the whole world watch the same 20 seconds video… but we’re used to this nonsense.

Be aware. These bigots are wolves in sheep clothing and can appear as very reasonable people making reasonable arguments. As people who just have a different point of view. Don’t be fooled. I didn’t even have to push too hard before the mask came off and bigot Tina was revealed.

The BBC has got caught up in the shame too, acknowledging that disgraceful line in the anthem – Land of Hope and Glory – Britons will never be slaves – but were happy to make slaves of others – then made those enslaved people Brits. The sheer stupidity of bigots is staggering.

And that stupidity and shame is one of the things they are trying relentlessly to hide; using every ruse they can conjure. Bob Marley sums it up – the people who want to destroy us don’t take a day off, neither should we.

Finally, don’t be fooled when they quote the bible. The bible categorically does not allow anyone to break all 10 commandments – even non christians know this; then rely on your personal interpretation of other parts of the bible – to justify murder, theft of people and labour, rape, torture and oppression. They are actually mocking the Great I Am.

So on carnival Sunday, while there’s no parade, “carnival” which is a spiritual movement continues. Send a clear message to bigots, that the age of bigotry is dead. We Win because Love always win.

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