Sunday School: Demonic Injustice System

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The lengths to which evil people holding positions within the justice system, will go to force through their death cult decisions – shouldn’t come as a shock to us. But it does because there is no bottom to their depravity and evil.

Let’s just reflect on how the injustice system is treating the family and memory of Miss Breonna Taylor – a medical worker, and which maintains terror in the hearts of melanin people…

– The police acknowledge they broke the law to obtain the no knock warrant;

– The police acknowledge they broke the law contaminating the crime scene;

– But the grand jury declares the killing was legal;

Have we missed something? We haven’t, here’s their demonic logic…

This state introduced something called a “no knock warrant” giving the police the power to break into people’s homes – without having to announce their presence or knock first (https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/no-knock_warrant).

This no knock warrant contradicts the right to defend one’s home. All you hear is someone breaking into your home, how do you know it’s police or a burglar? How do you decide whether your life is at risk or not?

But we know the purpose of this unjust demonic law by demonic caucasian nationalists. It was created to establish the conditions for summary executions of melanin people. It puts Melanin people in a legally vulnerable, in fact legally impossible position, having only moments to decide wither to defend their own home or allow a legal break in. Who is trained to accurately make such a decision?

So why are we surprised the grand jury decided the way they did? We shouldn’t be surprised at all.

This law demonstrates the “war” on melanin people, waged by the state – steeped in demonic caucasian nationalism.

The objective of this law is to legally kill melanin people, full stop. Now that the grand jury have confirmed this is Ok, look at what will happen. State executions will become the norm.

This may feel incredible and far fetched to many; I agree, pray and wish it was. But it’s not, it’s real, it’s real life.

What’s the solution?

As in the book of Jeremiah; God declared the existing evil structure must be replaced with systems of integrity and justice.

Caucasian nationalism is a death cult, offering up the lives of melanin people to their demons – this cult must come to an end.

Be encouraged.

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