Sunday School: Grand Roy to Grand Prix

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A boy born in West London to Grenadian parents from Grand Roy; marries and births a boy with a passion for driving he maintains into manhood – the undisputed F1 champion of the world – Lewis Hamilton.

Grand Roy on the face of it, is a traditional Grenadian village, containing all the elements you’d expect of a village in the spice isle.

It has a crossroad, church, a beach, a mountain road to Mount Plasir. At least three rum shops, a grocery shop, a police station and a nutmeg pool.

People from this little village have overcome obstacles and impacted the world!!

The Mighty Sparrow the Calypso king of the world was born in Grand Roy, travelled to Trinidad where he conquered the world with his voice – singing amazing calypso anthems.

Do you have a dream – are you starting from not much?

View of Grand Roy Bay

Like Lewis Hamilton and Sparrow, your “from” does not determine your “to”; does not determine what you do or can achieve. Your journey may be filled with obstacles, are you minded to overcome or be overcome?

What you achieve and are successful at among all things considered, includes how many obstacles you are prepared to overcome.

Yes I get some obstacles are massive and structural, the question remains, are you prepared to overcome them?

The battle overcoming obstacles starts and ends in your mind. You may not believe this but it’s true. If you’ve lost in your mind you will never overcome in reality.

Yes you will say but Lewis has the better car. I would ask, can minds afraid of obstacles build a winning car? Can a mind afraid of obstacles control a winning car from poll to flag?

If you’ve been waiting for circumstances to change before you succeed. Consider this. Success is your mindset not an event…

Start being successful at everything you do. From waking up to when your eyes shut for beautiful sleep, apply success to every aspect of your life. Success should be your lifestyle not an event you wait for.

For believers, remember you can do all things through Him who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). If you fear achieving success because of big obstacles in your way, or because you may think others have taken your place. Stop.

Recognise the battle is in your mind. Stop fighting that’s the wrong battle. Still your mind and focus on what you need to achieve – and achieve it.

Be encouraged.

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