Sunday School: Idolatry masquerading as history

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One by one authorities in the UK and US are removing statues to an inglorious idolatrous history.

Opponents to idol removal such as the UK prime minister, insists to remove the statues is equivalent to erasing history.

Let’s apply our Prime Ministers wisdom shall we. Is he saying the absence of statues to Hitler is an erasure of that abominable history too. Because I don’t see a statue of Hitler anywhere…do you?

Or is he and all the idol supporters love celebrating murderers…?

During the murderous period of enslaving people for money, a number of additional travesties took place.

The people who’s job it was to read the bible and encourage the population to live their best lives ie stop stealing people; stop raping women and men; stop murdering people. Taught falsehoods to enable profit in human suffering.

The other travesty – they killed any melanin person who learned to read and write. Why? They could not afford for Melanin people know the truth; that the bible they used to defend their abomination did not endorse their satanic trades.

Here’s why: the bible said don’t steal; the bible said don’t murder; the bible said don’t rape; the bible said “pay the labourer” – they could not afford for melanin people to know these basic facts. Hence death. That’s why I say that era of British history is demonic, the murders were sacrifice to demons to ensure truth remains hidden.

What makes a statue an idol?

People all over the world erect statues of people who helped build their nation and there’s always a balancing act, especially where the character did equal good and evil for the nation – Winston Churchill.

When it comes to people who “only” traded in human suffering and death for their own personal enrichment; that shouldn’t be so difficult. Being memorialised as a nation builder because they gave blood money to a city council or a university – that’s simply abhorrent. Would you do that today?

What decent, civilised, integrity filled person does that? You’ve got to be pretty barbaric and evil to even entertain those thoughts.

These men contributed to the demise of the nation, not its growth. Imagine today taking money from Jimmy Savill’s family and erecting a statue to him as a nation builder. Would you?

It’s time for this nation to be established on righteousness and reject evil.

So, open your eyes to people using a posh accent and the myth of being an English gentleman to defend evil.

The same way we teach boys that gentlemen don’t hit women, the same applies to adult males – gentlemen don’t murder people for money; gentlemen don’t defend evil; gentlemen don’t erect statues to murders.

Murderers see nothing wrong with murder; rapist see nothing wrong with rape; thieves see nothing wrong with stealing; liars see nothing wrong with lying.

It’s your choice as a citizen to decide whether righteousness or evil establishes this nation.

Be encouraged.

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