Sunday School: Language Corruption

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The meaning of words has been and is being strategically and deliberately corrupted. We are using terms that are factually wrong but because they are widely accepted and the accurate term is not as simple as the corrupted term – the corrupted term is used.

White and Black as “races” of people. Factually that’s the biggest lie the whole world embraces. There is no white race, there are caucasians who reside in different parts of the world.

There is no Black race, there’s people with melanin in their skin who reside in different parts of the world.

Problem is melanin and caucasian are not as easy to spell and pronounce as black and white… Therefore the corruption is pervasive and persuasive with an appealing allure to many.

The image above shows the complexity of life that cannot be reduced to black and white or the one drop rule. So why doesn’t the one drop rule apply here? These twin sisters share the same mother, who clearly isn’t caucasian…emmmmm!!!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, racism is pure stupidity…

Everything “good” is marketed as white. Except with money, if you have loads then you’re in the black. Everything bad is associated with black. Is this a mistake or design?

We’re then horrified when children don’t want black dolls – what do we think they have been listening to and learning from the womb?

A friend noticed I was referring to her as caucasian and not white and she got offended, deeply so. She pointed out the error of my ways…

So I explained there is no white race of people – fact. There is no Black race of people – fact. And I refuse to go along with the racist project referring to people by factually incorrect terms. I’m happy to be the lone fish swimming against the tide.

People referred to as black have embraced the term and use it as a label and I get that. My issue is simple. Who defined us as black? Did we define ourselves as black or was that label given to us for a strategic purpose?

“Black and White” as a definition of race was given by politicians, hundreds of years ago for a political and economic agenda and boy has it worked a treat.

The job was simple, ensure all institutions subscribe to the policy – “white as the standard, black as contempt”. It’s that simple. Hundreds of years on, that simple yet effective strategy continues unabated.

I watched Married at First Sight and Tristan a man with melanin in his skin explains his ideal girl by the colour of her skin – not by personality or any of the important stuff that makes a relationship work.

The racist project architects then did something of a master stroke – they made an image of Jesus as a white man with a beard – boom!!! What more does a person who considers themselves white want more than to be aligned with Jesus…!!

The bible doesn’t tell us Jesus’s race. The bible does command this – do not make and worship images and idols of anything – ouch!!

So the depiction of Jesus on white stone is not a God or Jesus approved activity. That activity is approved by the racist project.

So do we reject Jesus or reject the racist project?

Start a language revolution.

Happy Sunday…!!

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